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The ActionMessage web-baed agency product includes special account management features to support the unique requirements of Public Relations firms, ad agencies and co-op marketing organizations that need fine-grained billing, tracking and reporting for each client.

With ActionMessage, you can immediately and easily add email marketing to your service mix. This allows you to serve as a single point of contact for all of your clients' needs while monetizing their email marketing campaigns.

Features that help you stay on top of client email campaigns include:

  • Private subaccounts for each of your clients to manage lists, reports and billing
  • Raw input mode for power users creating HTML with Dreamweaver, etc.
  • Separate user logins and role-based access privileges for your agency and each client
  • Private-brand email reports with your own logo
  • Totally automated unsubscribe and bounce handling - no manual removals needed
  • Bulk email list upload, additions and deletions to save you time
  • Cross-platform support for Windows, Apple and Linux users of IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, KDE and Safari.
  • Import and export in Excel, Access, Oracle and CSV file formats
  • One-click clone email campaigns for future re-use
  • Schedule email campaigns for future delivery
  • Automatically email or page campaign reports to clients
  • Color pie and bar chart graphs of key campaign metrics in 1 hour intervals to impress your clients
  • Automatic Tell A Friend email passalong feature with tracking and reporting
  • Workflow process for optional formal campaign approval
  • ListBuilder feature to add automatic newsletter subscribe and unsubscribe to clients' web sites
  • Advanced personalization features to deliver customized emails based on demographic information - send a targeted, unique email to each recipient
  • Trigger Marketing - autosend emails based on birthday or anniversaries. Just set it and forget it!
  • Fully internationalized - send email in 20+ languages/charsets
  • Custom database engineering of survey forms, etc. is available
  • ActionMessage Email Technical Resources Online - learn inside secrets about AOL and WebTV formatting and more
  • No hidden transaction fees for bounces, clicks, downloads or reports
  • Easy to do client demos - works on all platforms and browsers
  • Servers located in high-security data center with redundant Internet backbone connections in Silicon Valley, California, USA - legal jurisdiction with minimal privacy and content laws compared to Europe or Japan
  • Online technical support using WebEx remote collaboration tool

Interested in an exclusive sales territory? Then email us regarding a country distributorship to

So whether you are sending permission-based email on behalf of 2 clients or 2,000, ActionMessage gives you the flexibility and power to deliver.

Web-based Benefits

Start Immediately. Absolutely nothing to install, upgrade or maintain.

Easy to Use. Point and click interface with automated handling of subscribes, unsubscribes, bounces, link tracking, reporting, polls, surveys and MORE!

Compatible. Fully compatible with all your favorite apps: Excel®, Access®, Outlook®, Dreamweaver® and FileMaker®.

Whitelisted. Our servers are whitelisted with major ISPs, increasing deliverability and response.

Fast Turnaround Time. Signup now and start sending your own newsletters today!

ActionMessage Email Marketing Appliance
ActionMessage Email Marketing Appliance

ActionMessage Anniversary!
ActionMessage Anniversary!

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