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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q: What is ActionMessage Email Marketing?
ActionMessage is an easy-to-use cloud service that simplifies sending email newsletters and reporting on results.
Q: Do I need to signup and create a ActionMessage account?
Yes, to manage your lists and send email newsletters, you need to first signup.
Q: Is there an online manual?
Yes, login and click on "Help" to see the comprehensive online help manual.
Q: How can email campaigns be paused?
Login, click on "Campaign Reports", and choose the campaign, and click Pause.
Q: How can email campaigns be scheduled for future delivery?
Login, create a new campaign, and use the calendar widget to select the future date to start delivery.
Q: Do you support sending newsletters segmented by multiple branches or sales offices?
Yes, using our Advanced Personalization features, emails can automatically be targeted at the branch and indvidual level based on list parameters, like zip code or branch code.
Q: Do you support multiple languages?
Yes, 10 languages are supported for sending email and administering campaigns. (The Japanese support was certified by Fujitsu Japan and fully-tested in Tokyo.)
Q: Do you have an on-premises solution?
Yes, you can buy the ActionMessage server appliance with our licensed software that can be installed in your data center or colocation facility.
Q: Do you have agency features to manage subaccounts ?
Yes, if you signup for the Agency Edition, you can easily manage multiple client subaccounts.
Q: Is there a limit on subscriber list size?
No, there's no known limit. We commonly send campaigns to 4+ million subscribers.
Q: What are the advantages of using ActionMessage cloud-hosting over in-house email newsletter management?
We do the following on your behalf:
  1. maintain email delivery white-listing with major email providers
  2. operate redundant servers in multiple high-speed data centers so you don't impact your office Internet connection
  3. perform software updates
  4. perform periodic backups
  5. respond to system and application monitoring and maintain IT security 24x7x365
Web-based Benefits

Start Immediately. Absolutely nothing to install, upgrade or maintain.

Easy to Use. Point and click interface with automated handling of subscribes, unsubscribes, bounces, link tracking, reporting, polls, surveys and MORE!

Compatible. Fully compatible with all your favorite apps: Excel®, Access®, Outlook®, Dreamweaver® and FileMaker®.

Whitelisted. Our servers are whitelisted with major ISPs, increasing deliverability and response.

Fast Turnaround Time. Signup now and start sending your own newsletters today!

ActionMessage Email Marketing Appliance
ActionMessage Email Marketing Appliance

ActionMessage Anniversary!
ActionMessage Anniversary!

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