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ActionMessage Customer Lists

Add Your Customer List

  1. Click on "Customer Lists"
  2. Click on "Add New Customer List
  3. Tell ActionMessage about your opt-in recipient list
  4. Click on "Upload!"
  5. Proceed to send your email campaign below ...

ActionMessage FastSend Campaigns

Send Your Email Campaign Fast

  1. Click on "FastSend Campaigns"
  2. Tell ActionMessage about your email campaign description, subject line, text and HTML ad copy and test recipients
  3. Click on "Next Screen"
  4. Click the "Test" button as many times as you need until you know your email is perfect, then schedule the final live campaign and click the "Send" button
  5. Congratulations ... you now know how to send your own email campaign.
  6. Proceed to see your report options below ...

ActionMessage Reports

Your ActionMessage Campaign Reports

  1. Click on "Reports"
  2. Select from the following report types:
    1. Excel
    2. HTML
    3. CSV
    4. Pie Chart
    5. Bar Chart
  3. Forward the report to a colleague via email.
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