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ActionMessage Seed and Test Recipients

Define Your Seed and Test Recipients

  1. Click on "Seed Recipients"
  2. Tell ActionMessage about your seed recipients
  3. Click on "Test Recipients"
  4. Tell ActionMessage about your test recipients
  5. Learn how to create trackable redirect links next ...

ActionMessage Trackable Redirect Links

Your Trackable Redirect Links

  1. Click on "Link Redirects"
  2. Tell ActionMessage about your links that you want tracking and reporting on
  3. "Redirect Expires on" and "Alternate Redirect URL" are used when the promo jump page becomes unavailable, for example after a promo expiration date
  4. Proceed to learn how to use redirects in more sophisticated email campaigns ...

ActionMessage Create New Campaign

Send Your Email Campaign with Advanced Tracking and Reporting

  1. Click on "Create New Campaign"
  2. Tell ActionMessage about your email campaign description, subject line, from, reply to, attachments, text and HTML ad copy and test recipients
  3. Click on "Next Screen"
  4. Click the "Test" button as many times as you need until you know your email is perfect, then schedule the final live campaign and click the "Send" button
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